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Cuevas Al Jatib are located in Andalusia in the country side in the north-east of the Granada province and close to the city of Baza. We are on an altitude of 760m and the climate is dry. From here there are plenty of possibilities for horse riding, trekking and cycling… You are not far away from two Natural Parks, 4 beautiful lakes (Negratin, Bolera, Portillo and San Clemente) and you can enjoy the Mediterranean beach (Murcia/Almeria) and the snow (Sierra Nevada) after a 90min drive. In the area of the Altiplano you find important archaeological and paleontological sites, rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes full of contrasts, delicious local dishes and colorful traditional festivities. Some of our most attractive resources are the cave-houses. People have been living in troglodyte habitats for many centuries. You will find the freshest air in the region and many unspoiled magical places.

You can obtain a map and a tourist guide for the Altiplano on the website




Archaeological Museum (town centre), CYAB Baza’s Archaeological Heritage Visitors Centre (close to the highway exit that you chose to get to our cave complex) and Arabic Baths (on the way to the town center) from the 13th century (for opening times please call the Tourist office +34 958 861325)

Old town with narrow roads, Moorish balconies, Churches from the 16th – 18th century, parks and squares.

We have a theatre where you can watch movies on week-ends or enjoy concerts, drama or other events. Salon IDEAL.

In summer there is an interesting cultural program for all ages (Music, workshops, bouncy castles, an international folkloric dance festival, Romerias, horse show, open air cinema etc.). For more information please contact the Casa de la Cultura.



From the caves Cuevas Al Jatib you can drive to the north side of the Jabalcón hill (Zújar). From there you have stunning panoramic views. On one side there are the so-called “bad lands”, which represent characteristic landscapes of our region, and on the other side, red and ochre canyons, reflected in the turquoise water of the Negratín reservoir lake.

From the Jabalcón hill you can have an amazing experience doing free flight or launching with a paraglide, either on your own or with an instructor. You can walk or drive up to the Ermita lookout point on the very top of the hill. You have to be careful as the road is narrow.

The Negratín reservoir lake is right next to the Jabalcón hill. On its banks you can find 4 restaurants and admire amazing sunsets from their terraces. During the warm months of the year (april-october), you can rent hydro pedals and kayaks at the shore of the lake in FreilaCortijo del Cura”. You also find a restaurant there which offers cheap and good food (Closed on Thursday).

You can also rent canoes and kayaks in the Nautical Club after the dam (call Manolo +34 666 086 039). With your boat you can explore little canyons and go to pass several small islands mainly occupied by seagulls.

At the “Baños de Zujar”, there is a circular restaurant (call +34 958 342363) with a small stone pool, partially covered. You can enjoy the natural warm medicinal water of the pool, which is pumped from a submerged old Roman Bath; looking at great scenery (Closed on Monday and for two months in winter). If the day is a little chilly or you prefer to be inside, there is a new Spa close by called “Balneario de Zújar” (

Also, after the dam, at the Negratín panoramic view point (“Mirador del Negratín”, Cuevas del Campo), there is an area where you can have a very nice picnic looking at the lake and the curious surrounding geologic shapes. There is also a small playground for children and a small artificial rock to practice climbing.

Also at 20 minutes distance from the caves you can discover the Natural Park of the “Sierra de Baza” and go hiking through beautiful paths up to the indigenous pine trees of “Prado del Rey”, or take “La Canaleja path” through the valley and finish your trip in the Narváez restaurant for a drink (Open only at weekends). With small children, try the easy, flat path until the “Mirador de Narvaez”.



Castilléjar Ecomuseum and Visitors Centre (+34 958 744 189 / +34 958 737001) Here you can learn a lot about the ancient industry of esparto grass. It is located in the middle of the bad-lands, a landscape defined by gypsum crystals called “espejuelos” shining in the sun and make you feel like walking on the moon.

30 minutes distance from the caves you can see Orce, a typical charming county village, which keeps in its museum remains (tiny remains) of the first European hominid and some sable tooth tigers. You can visit the Prehistory and Paleontology Museum of Orce or the Fuente Nueva Paleoanthropological Heritage Visitors Centre. (Orce Tourist information 958 746171) The town’s character is also influenced by the old Castle of the Seven Towers. During warm and hot days we recommend a visit to the Fuencaliente natural swimming pool. It is open all through the year.

Galera has two very interesting visitable archaeological sites, the bronze age village “El Castellón Alto” with great views upon the half-desert and the necropolis of Tútugi. (Galera Tourist information 958 739276 / 605 915393/ 696 829 388). Galera is a very beautiful cave-house village with a lot of history.

30 minutes distance from the caves you can go through the biggest megalithic park in Europe, next to the troglodytic village of Gorafe. Gorafe’s Megalithic Architecture Theme Park and Visitors Centre (+34 958 693 159). Nearby, you can also have a trip in 4×4 wheels or horse riding in amazing “Colorado canyons” and have a picnic. In Gorafe you can enjoy Flamenco live concerts every Saturday night in Bar-restaurant “Casa Juana” (call +34 616 314 391).



We recommend you to visit the picturesque village named Castril. From the village centre you can go down the streets until the valley. You can also drive until the parking area at the bottom of the town and then walk along the exciting path “Sendero de la Cerrada” to walk along the river upon a wooden balcony and cross the river via a hanging bridge… At the end of the path it is nice to have a cold drink or a lunch in the mill “El Molino”. You can also go up the Natural Park. About 6 km from the town you join a track road to the river source (about 30min drive) where you can enjoy an amazing bath in the cold water under the waterfall and having lunch afterwards, nearby, in the small restaurant-bar of the Camping “El Cortijillo” (local trout, etc…).


Other interesting places:

Guazalamanco” stream and walking path (1h15). “Sendero de la Magdalena”, with an impressive scenery and birdwatching (50 minutes). We have colonies of vultures in the area. Pantano de la Bolera (50 minutes). The Tiscar cave direction Quesada / Sierra de Cazorla (1’30h). Benamaurel has a troglodyte district since Arabic times “Hafas” (20 minutes).

We are located at 1h distance from Granada and the Alhambra by the motorway, 1h40 from the monumental renaissance cities of Baeza and Ubeda. Velez Blanco and its castle is a 50 minutes drive and Guadix with its monumental center is easy to reach (30 minutes).

There are especially interesting places for children. Please ask us for more information. It will be a pleasure for us to give you some ideas.

You have decided to spend your holidays in our caves and you started planning your stay.

You already started to discover what to do in the Altiplano and its surroundings.

All around the Al Jatib Caves there is a myriad of things to do and to see. From discovering and experiencing the beautiful nature parks to swimming off the virgin beaches of Cabo de Gata or in the walled canyons of the Negratin Reservoir, to visiting the historical sites such as the Alhambra & Museum of Orce your stay in andalucia will be full, fun and varied.

The Trail of Ibn al-Jatib

Follow in the footsteps of Ibn al-Jatib. This trail goes from Murcia to Granada, along the same path that in 1347 the great andalcuian historian took in accompany with Yusuf I, to the eastern frontiers of the Nazari Kingdom.

The Alhambra

See some of the most impressive views in spain from the walls of the Alhambra, The palace of a thousand marvels.

Cabo de Gata

Soak yourself in the crystal clear waters and walk on the untouched sands of the beaches of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park.

Sierra Nevada

Go up in the cable cars to follow the mountain trails or to ski off the renowned slopes of the Sierra Nevada which, uniquely in europe, are bathed in sun everyday of the winter.

Museum of Orce

Discover primitive european man at the Museum of Orce.

Negratín reservoir

Listen to the song of the wind whistling through this beautiful place. Swim in the crystal clear water or hire a windsurf. Admire the spectacular red canyons.

Nature Parks

Follow the tracks of an iberian Lynx in the Sierra of Baza and Castril.

The Town of Baza

Visiting this historical town you can lose yourself in the narrow winding streets of downtown Baza and greet the Dama in the town museum Museo Municipal.


Open yourself to hundreds of new taste sensations, try the strong retomar an exquisite gachas tortas, the regional specialty.

El Jabalcón

Parapenting off the slopes of “el Jabalcón”, extinct volcano and old man of the region. Look at this exalted figure up there, an island of tranquility in a sea of resplendent yeseras.

The Desert

Venture into this immense white desert in a 4 x 4, marvel at the light of a thousand tiny shards, enjoy the power of the huge silent & empty space.

The Cascamorras

On the slopes of the town of Baza the Cascamorras, With its harsh and intractable black fervour it is the “town’s protector “.