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Welcome to Cuevas Aljatib

Relaxation from the dawn of time. In prehistoric times the basin of Baza was filled by a huge blue lake where Mammoths and Rhinoceroses grazed under the hungry eyes of primitive European men. Their remains & fossils can be admired nowadays at the museum nearby in Orce.

Until 40 years ago this savage, beautiful forgotten part of the province of Granada was full of small hamlets carved into the hills around the barren lands formed by the drying out of the old lake.

Today restored to its original splendor at one of those Hamlets, where moors, plaster miners and subsistence farmers have successively sought refuge.

We can offer you a magnificent and unforgettable voyage back to the depths of time in a breathtakingly beautiful accommodation formed by this unique way of life.

Submerging yourself in this extraordinary land, you can enjoy some of your sweetest moments in Spain, the warmth and tenderness of our Hammam, our tasty Arab-Andalusian dishes as well as the magic of the Andalusian night of your dreams…..

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