… an Arabic Bath experience: RELAX and treat yourself

In Cuevas Al Jatib you will find many ways to charm your senses. Mother earth will assure a relaxing deep sleep, you walk through unspoiled nature breathing the fresh air, you can taste delicious food in the restaurant and you can complement your stay in our cave resort with a visit to the Hammam.

Duration of a Hammam session: 1.5 hours

The Hammam is open every day and you can chose 4 bath sessions.

Opening hours: 10’30-12h / 12’30-14h / 16’15-17’45h / 18’15-19’45h

Prices: (8€ / adult, 5€ / junior)

To make the Hammam experience unforgettable, we suggest to include a massage or wellness treatment into your bath session. (see more information in the table at the bottom of the page)

If you wish to have the bath for yourself, you can book all facilities adding an exclusivity booking fee of 40€.

The Hammam can only accept payment in cash. No credit cards. We apologize for the inconvenience.


What is a Hammam and why do we have one?

In Baza and its surrounding area, the tradition of  bathing has been present for a very long time. There are remains of a Jewish bath and of the Arabic Marzuela bath from the 13th century in the actual town centre. About 20 minutes drive from Baza, you find the internationally renowned Roman thermal springs in Zújar. They were flooded when the reservoir lake Negratin was built but you can enjoy its medicinal waters in a small stone pool and in the new indoor SPA next to the lake’s shore.

A Turkish, Moorish or Arabic bath (Arabic: حمّام, ḥammām‎‎) is the Islamic variant of the Roman bath, steam bath, sauna, or Russian banya, distinguished by a focus on water, as distinct from ambient steam.

When we created our troglodyte Hammam we took into account the different traditions. You will find a hot immersion pool combined with steam and a cold pool to refresh yourself afterwards. The bath is a method of cleansing and relaxation your body and soul. You should alternate between the different temperatures and have a rest from time to time. Our Hammam facilities also include a ladies and a gents changing room with showers, a toilet and the massage room. Please bring your swimsuit and flip-flops, we provide a towel.

If you wish further information, if you have any questions and if you want to book a Hammam session, please contact with our reception.



A massage is nutrition for your body and soul. We recommend regular massages for your well-being. It is a wonderful prevention and an efficient remedy method. We can treat and massage your back, arms, face, head, torso, abdomen, feet and legs. You can choose the duration and the parts of your body that need attention or you can make yourself the gift of a luxurious full body massage that takes 1 hour and 45 minutes.



MASSAGE 30 min

Choose one part of your body:

back, arms, facial/cranial, abdomen, pectoral, feet or legs

MASSAGE 45 min

Choose two parts of your body:

back, arms, facial/cranial, abdomen, pectoral, feet and / or legs

MASSAGE 60 min

Choose three parts of your body:

back, arms, facial/cranial, abdomen, pectoral, feet and / or legs


Enjoy a full body massage!

Massage therapy relieves tired, sore muscles, eliminates toxins, alleviates pain and tension and improves circulation so you feel and function better. MASSAGES improve your well being and please your senses.


Relaxing MASSAGE

Body PEELING with Dead Sea salt and mud wrap.


Oriental energy MASSAGE with application of CACAO.

Stimulates the feeling of joyfulness and well-being.




MASSAGE with Peeling and Hydratation Passion fruit & Mango





The hot pool


Hammam Bath

If you wish to read more about the tradition of Moorish Baths, you can find information in the internet such as:

spanish customs – arabic baths

wikipedia – Turkish Bath