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Things to do?

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All around the Al Jatib Caves there is a myriad of things to do and to see. From discovering and experiencing the beautiful nature parks to swimming off the virgin beaches of Cabo de Gata or in the walled canyons of the Negratin Reservoir, to visiting the historical sites such as the Alhambra & Museum of Orce your stay in andalucia will be full, fun and varied.

The Trail of Ibn al-Jatib


Follow in the footsteps of Ibn al-Jatib. This trail goes from Murcia to Granada, along the same path that in 1347 the great andalcuian historian took in accompany with Yusuf I, to the eastern frontiers of the Nazari Kingdom.

The Alhambra


See some of the most impressive views in spain from the walls of the Alhambra, The palace of a thousand marvels.

Cabo de Gata


Soak yourself in the crystal clear waters and walk on the untouched sands of the beaches of the Cabo de Gata Nature Park.

Sierra Nevada


Go up in the cable cars to follow the mountain trails or to ski off the renowned slopes of the Sierra Nevada which, uniquely in europe, are bathed in sun everyday of the winter.

Museum of Orce


Discover primitive european man at the Museum of Orce.

Negratín reservoir


Listen to the song of the wind whistling through this beautiful place. Swim in the crystal clear water or hire a windsurf. Admire the spectacular red canyons.

Nature Parks


Follow the tracks of an iberian Lynx in the Sierra of Baza and Castril.

The Town of Baza


Visiting this historical town you can lose yourself in the narrow winding streets of downtown Baza and greet the Dama in the town museum Museo Municipal.



Open yourself to hundreds of new taste sensations, try the strong retomar an exquisite gachas tortas, the regional specialty.

El Jabalcón


Parapenting off the slopes of "el Jabalcón", extinct volcano and old man of the region. Look at this exalted figure up there, an island of tranquility in a sea of resplendent yeseras.

The Desert


Venture into this immense white desert in a 4 x 4, marvel at the light of a thousand tiny shards, enjoy the power of the huge silent & empty space.

The Cascamorras


On the slopes of the town of Baza the Cascamorras, With its harsh and intractable black fervour it is the "town's protector ".


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